Real Perspective behind the System of Operational Excellence

Many of you are familiar with the strategy that how operational excellence (OpEx) boosts performance and adds value. Embraced by many leading top organisations, OpEx is the most comprehensive manifestation of an ongoing and evolutionary drive to attain business and targeted excellence.

There are many changes that occurred in the system of operational excellence in order to enhance the efficiency of planning and scheduling tasks. With the help of such implementations, many businesses achieve their goals without any hassles. But, in today’s competitive world, an executive has to think twice before opting for the change, he or she wants in his or her business.

In simple terms, one has to understand the real perspective and definition of operational excellence.

Valuable Principles of Operational Excellence

Goals of OpEx are:


  • Accomplish all business requirements safely and effectively at finest cost.
  • Safely generate the highest sustainable value

Attaining these goals need an enterprise to understand everything that detracts from them. Businesses speak on actions and activities. Thus, an organisation must make its employees learn about the business effectiveness and how to perform its tasks in a professional manner. This job seems daunting but become easy with principles of OpEx.

The OpEx approaches for several strategies. Some of them are-

  • Effective analysis of the tasks and minimising the risk
  • Maintenance practices to be done on regular basis
  • Focusing on business objectives

All the programs of OpEx demands nothing much, but cooperation across all functions.

How Operational Excellence is More Than a Management System?

Thinking OpEx as a master program, it is easy for an organisation to govern and coordinate all enterprise functional enhancement programs. It does not replace functional improvement initiatives implemented to address single problems like excessive failures. Instead, it becomes their base to improve them.

Every one of you must be aware of what are you doing with your business to increase its sustainable value.  Your management should be in such a way that all functions become quickly visible for discussion and cooperative resolution. In such environment, it becomes easier to develop the processes more than troubling with gratuitous hindrances.

Reliability Factors of OpEx-


  • Organisation: Define roles and responsibilities completely with consistent decision process to encourage employees.
  • Performance: Meet requirements for all the targets.
  • Practices: It should be fully defined and accurately documented to produce consistent results.
  • Working Scenario: Stay committed to your goals and accept ownership for excellence in all tasks for developing performance in a better way.
  • Data and Skills: Fulfil all the accurate data requirements and keep them updated.
  • Systems and Equipment: Meet all operational requirements cost-effectively.

How OpEx looks at the Success?

Experience matters but with OpEx, you can simply understand what your business need. With it, a management simply focuses on practices to bring the change. This further helps in headcount reduction. The only way to sustain-ably reduce costs effectively is to eliminate the need for spending i.e. invest wherever required. Operational excellence provides just that type of tactic.



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