Let Mining Triumphs with These 4 Pillars of Operational Excellence

Mining companies around the world are continuing to grapple with challenging market conditions. They need to embrace innovation, drive productivity, and meet more expectations with long-term business challenges.

In present globalised business environment, mining sectors are finding it essential to increase their competitive advantage. However, companies in the oil and gas industry are increasing their bottom line by increasing their operating competence and reducing fixed cost. This is the most challenging especially with the context of enhancing extreme operational environments.


For best results, mining companies have to strengthen up their plans keeping in mind that operational excellence is not one-dimensional. But, how is this possible? You need to take a start from somewhere.

Have a look towards these four pillars of operational excellence-

  • People

What is this? How come people to relate with operational excellence? Just consider people with your organisation. Well, they form the very core and soul of operational excellence strategy and are also responsible for making business successful. Their roles can be quite challenging, but all thanks to the unruly nature of such organisations that make wide changes required to modify their behaviour, achieve new skills, or adopt new roles.

So, this strategy focuses heavily on change management where employees are supported throughout the tasks and processes. This is essential to build the great team to perform better for fruitful results.

  • Business

The aspect of this strategy is to have the largest impact on determining overall results. Running a business needs lots of efforts and skills. You have to identify where your operational excellence strategy suits best, keeping in mind that it can be quite disruptive and can impact behavioural norms, processes, culture, and philosophy. Well, operational excellence strategies require complete support, leadership and commitment not only from management but also from stakeholders and customers.


  • Assets

It is the engine of mining operation and performs at the highest level of productivity. Not only this, it includes many different parts that work efficiently. So, once everything works together in a great manner, your business is ready to fuel the power of revenue. In the same manner, physical assets help to power the whole process. Also, the definition of operational excellence will help your business to operate at maximum efficiency on its own with effective performance.

  • Technology

It plays a vital role across all other aspects operational excellence. This type of technology required for each can vary significantly. The technology is for people that include training stimulators and business process systems to provide better situational awareness of mining processes. For business, it includes social media allowing management to clearly communicate strategies to team across a wide business. Ensure that your assets operate properly by minimising downtime or improving team management. No matter, which technology you opt for, it should be well integrated and contributed to all business objectives.o-business-technology-facebook

Thus, it is cleared that operational excellence can’t be achieved but opting it is suitable for execution of all strategies. However, in this competitive world, you should know your business well.


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